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Download n' Done!™ Dashboards - Profit Pack Trio (3-pack)

What's inside...

Visually stunning, automated, and customizable financial KPIs dashboards ready to go in Google Data Studio. Truly Download n’ Done!™

It’ll feel cathartic updating your dashboard in minutes — instantly drilling into different date ranges and details as you please — annddd the sheer joy you’ll experience seeing these new insights for the first time!

▷ Receive our entire suite of done-for-you Google Data Studio financial KPIs dashboards - a truly powerful combo including the Profit Producer, Sales Savant, and Expense Defense templates:
-Profit Producer - profit trends and largest drivers by sales and expense category for any given time period
-Sales Savant - key sales drivers (products + customers) for any given time period
 -Expense Defense - key expense drivers (spending categories + vendors) for any given time period 

▷ Load as much data history as you please
▷ Configurable to any biz type and industry
▷ Easy-to-use data feed process (run one pre-formatted report from QuickBooks Online and paste it into a Google Sheet)
▷ Dynamically move from the eagle-eye profit view, to the sales and expense views, and drill-down even further with ease

Note: Dashboard templates are built for QuickBooks Online Essentials subscription level or greater (The reports at this subscription level facilitate the dashboard’s fanciness)

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The Download n’ Done™ financial KPIs dashboard templates are for Business Consultants that want a visually concise, automated dashboard without wasting countless hours wading through endless rows of data, spreadsheets, and zaps.

They're perfect for Agencies, Directors of Operations, Profit Consultants, and others upleveling their reports, and includes everything needed to set up and totally customize your own financial KPIs dashboards. Ready to take your financial reports from blah to brilliant?

3 Modules

Welcome! Start here >>

We want to officially welcome you and get started here! This is also where you'll find the mini-course workbook.

How to access + use your dashboards quickly >>

This module shows you step-by-step how to:

Set up the dashboards in your Google environment
Configure data integrations + automations
Build your custom QuickBooks Online report
Map your custom financial KPI categories

Bonuses for you! >>

Access your bonuses here! >> It's recommended to complete the initial setup first. Then you'll go through:  

Dashboard customization short-cuts
Dashboard categories by strategic objective
Board-level presentation tips

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